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At Townsville PhysioPoint you will experience a comprehensive physiotherapy service aimed at providing you with thorough assessment, correct diagnosis and best-practice care.

Every body is unique, and so our approach is patient-centered and tailored to your specific requirements. This makes our assessment and treatment as individual as you!

At your initial consultation you will undergo a thorough physical exam with in-depth analysis and explanation of the findings. An individualised management plan is then discussed with you including self-management strategies and home exercise/gym or other program.

Treatment options include, but are not limited to,

- manual 'hands-on' therapies including massage, joint mobilisation or manipulation

- movement and posture optimisation

- exercise based interventions

- extensive education related to your condition

- graded movement exposure, pacing and other pain management interventions.

At Townsville PhysioPoint we can manage all manner of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries including arthritis, back pain, shoulder and neck injuries, elbow and wrist problems, ankle knee and hip issues and pre/post operative care whether it be for elective joint surgery or traumatic injuries/fractures.

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